Past Newsletter Editors

Newsletter (Volunteer/Appointed Position):

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Housed at: German Dept, U of Wisconsin

Evelyn Torton Beck played a major role in initiating this first newsletter collective.

Editorial staff during this time included:

Angelika Bammer, Evelyn Torton Beck, Yvette Brazell, Nadia Donchenko, Angelika Haag, Viktoria Harwig, Christa Hildebrand, Jeanne Howell, Biddy Martin, Marsha Meyer, Sara Markham Pietsch, Mary Rhiel, Angelika Schalter, Jim Steakley, Gabriele Strauch, Judy Stout, Christa Stutius, Nancy Vedder-Schults, Sally Winkle



Housed at: Indiana University-Purdue University at Fort Wayne

Coordinator: Jeanette Clausen



Housed at: University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Coordinator: Susan Cocalis

Graduate Student Editors during this period:

Susanne Kord, Leslie Morris, Karin Obermeier

Editorial Staff during this period:

Katharina von Ankum, Terri Bakker Bascom, Barton Byg, Joan Keck Campbell, Frieda Ebbeson, Lisa Eschenbach, Angelika Fenner, Ann Frei, Friederike Groschupf, Francine Jobatey, Regina John, Deb Johnson, Katie Johnson, Colette van Kerckvoorde, Sylvia Kl