Smith-Prei Selected As WiG Yearbook Co-editor

Carrie Smith-Prei has been selected as the new coeditor of the Women in German Yearbook. Carrie, who is Associate Professor of German Studies at the University of Alberta, Canada, will bring considerable editing experience, a substantial publishing record, and a strong vision to the position. She will assume her responsibilities at the annual conference in October 2014, joining Elizabeth Ametsbichler, University of Montana, continuing coeditor of the Yearbook. Carrie will replace Margarete Lamb-Faffelberger, Lafayette College. Margarete will step down from the co-editor post after four amazing years of service to the Yearbook. Many thanks to Margarete for her dedication, hard work, and leadership!

The search for the coeditor was run by a search committee chaired by WiG Vice-President Mareike Herrmann. She was ably assisted by Birgit Tautz and Rick McCormick, both members of the Yearbook’s editorial board.