VP/President Nomination and Election Protocols

Women in German Nomination and Election Task Protocol

(for the Nomination and Election of a Vice President / President-Elect)

Created 2004. Updated 2006 and 2014


NB:  3rd year SC members are responsible for running search,

with assistance from President, Vice President, and Steering Committee




  • Discuss nominations and election process at Business Meeting. Begin soliciting nominations for VP/President at the conference.


  • Finalize list of candidates willing to stand for nomination.


  • Candidates prepare statements (500 words 


  • Finalize candidate list after ascertaining qualifications (see “Candidate Statement” below)


  • Candidates prepare statement – 500 words (Include WiG involvement in statements)


  • Candidate statements on Website and Elections (with help from webmistresses)


  • Winner determined and notified; Announced at WIG conference (Candidates should plan on being present at that year’s WiG conference)



(as suggested by K. Vander Lugt)


April 1 

  • Deadline to submit nominations

August 1

  • Deadline for Candidates’ Statements

September 1

  • Ballot and Cand. St’s go online

October 15

  • Deadline for voting

Prior to conference

  • SC members notified of results



(submitted to S.C. for approval by Kris Vander Lugt on November 2, 2006.   Julie Klassen requests to include language of S.C. minutes in protocol.  Web info revised B. Muellner 2014)


1. The Nomination / Election Committee

  • should consist of at least 2 members
  • should be appointed by the Steering Committee (SC) either at the WiG conference during an election off-year or via the SC listserv at least 2 months prior to publication of the Spring newsletter


2. The call for nominations

  • should be issued in the Spring newsletter and on the membership listserv (and, as suggested in S.C. meeting, senior members should be especially encouraged to make nominations)
  • should clearly indicate:
    • A full description of the duties and expectations for the Vice-President/President Elect
    • A stipulation that those who nominate a person first contact that person to make sure that she will accept the nomination, is in a position to fulfill the requisite responsibilities, and is willing and able to attend that year’s WiG conference and to participate in all Steering Committee meetings (as well as all conferences and SC meetings during her tenure as VP/President-Elect, i.e. for a total of four years)
    • Clear information as to where to send the nomination (typically via email to the Nomination / Election Committee)
    • The deadline for submitting nominations (June 1)
    •  Upon receiving the name of a nominee, the committee member(s) should acknowledge the receipt of the nomination. If the nominator has failed to contact the nominee and confirm that the nominee fulfills the requirements for nomination, the nomination should, be rejected with a quickly generated form email requesting (re-)submission of this information


3. After the nomination process has ended, the committee should

  • compile a list of candidates (NB: If the WiG membership does not supply enough nominees for a successful election, the Nomination Committee must assume the responsibility to find candidates who will accept the nomination.)
  • contact each candidate to
    • confirm her willingness to run and her qualifications for the position
    • confirm that, if elected, she will be present at the WiG conference and at any meeting/s of the WiG steering committee in the year elected and every year thereafter for the duration of her service (4 years)
    • ask for a response to the following questions (the “Candidate Statement”):


“Candidate Statement” 


  • State previous involvement in WIG and other qualifications for this position (possible qualifications include: a) previous term on SC; b) involvement in Newsletter, Yearbook, Prize committee; Web design; c) attendance of WiG conference within the last 10 years.
  • Please describe the impact that your participation in WiG has had on your professional career.
  • Why do you want to be WiGs VP Pres-Elect?
  • How do you envision working with the WIG steering committee and other officers?
  • In your view, what role(s) can and should WIG serve for graduate students preparing for a profession in academia?
  • How do you envision the future of Wig and the organization’s position within the profession as a whole?


The candidates’ statements should be received by the Nomination / Election Committee no later than August 1st


4. When the Candidates' Statements have been received, the committee should compile the statements and prepare the ballot, following the model archived online. The ballot, including candidates’ statements, should be sent to the webmses, who will put it on website. The committee should contact the webmses by August 15 to make arrangements for the ballot preparation and delivery.  The ballot should be online by September 1, and the deadline for voting should be no later than October 15.

5.  After the deadline for receiving votes, the designated committee member should count the votes and announce the results of the voting to the Steering Committee. The results can then be announced to the new Vice-President/President-Elect and the WiG membership in whatever manner the Steering Committee sees as most appropriate and effective.