Whether you’re a first- or an old-timer, here is some useful information about the Women in German conference:

PARTICIPATORY DEMOCRACY: If you want to have a say in what we do in the organization and how we do it, attend the Business Meeting during the conference on Saturday morning! That’s where important decisions about panel topics at future conferences (not only WiG, but also affiliated panels at AATG, GSA, MLA, and others) are voted on. Write your suggestions for panel topics on the designated flip charts. If you submit a proposal for the panel, you must be willing to organize and moderate the session, but you cannot give a paper during your panel. If you would rather give a paper on the topic of your choice, get someone else to organize the session.

INVITED GUESTS: At the Business Meeting, we also decide on future guests (authors/academics/artists) to be invited to the conference. There is a two-year lead time on such invitations. Please note that nominations must be made in advance of the conference, the nominator must have contacted the prospective guest to ensure her/his willingness and availability, and should inform the membership about the guest (through an info sheet and a brief presentation at the Business Meeting). The person who nominates a guest also has to be able to secure financial support for the guest (e.g., from DAAD, from their university) and arrange travel. Therefore: no spontaneous nominations from the floor, please!

STEERING COMMITTEE: The Steering Committee is a group of six elected members serving three-year terms. They ensure the smooth running of the conference, and coordinate with other important WiG officers and groups, such as the Newsletter editors, the Yearbook editors, the webmizzes, the conference organizers, the treasurer, and of course the prez and vice-prez. Each year, we elect two new members. If you’d like to nominate someone for the SC, gain her/his consent, and write down her/his name on the designated flip chart. The nominee needs to give a brief stump speech (less than two minutes) at the Business Meeting.

TABLES: To facilitate getting to know others who might share your interests, look for signs on lunch and dinner tables that designate Newcomers, Cabaret artists, and other subcultures.

GRADUATE STUDENT FUNDING: Graduate student funding is provided by proceeds from the raffle held during the conference; amounts reimbursed depend on the number of applicants and the money available. Priority is given to students presenting or organizing a panel during the conference. Details on submitting receipts for partial reimbursement will be provided during the conference (bring your receipts with you!).

RAFFLE: The raffle helps finance graduate student travel to the conference. Consider donating your recently published book, handmade items, or other goodies to be raffled off to lucky winners. You can also support the raffle by buying tickets from members of the Steering Committee. You can do this anytime during the conference.

RIDES: You can sign up for a ride back to the airport on Sunday on the flip charts. If you signed up for a shuttle, please check the departure time.

CABARET: If you have a sense of humor and/or want to be a star, join the cabaret troupe (look for the table)! No acting experience needed. This event is a major highlight in the Saturday evening program!

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