National Women's Studies Association Statement

The campaign for the US presidency that concluded earlier this week was no ordinary election cycle, in which candidates of the two parties debated and disagreed about policy, vision, and direction. Instead, it was a campaign that ridiculed, traumatized, and dehumanized Mexican-Americans, immigrants and undocumented people, African Americans, Asian Americans, Latinx, Native Americans, Asian and Pacific Islanders, Muslims, LGBTQ+ people, people with disabilities, Jews, survivors of sexual assault, women, Palestinians, and their allies. It was a campaign in which multiple women charged the winning candidate with sexual assault. Political forces including the Ku Klux Klan, the National Rifle Association, and the Alt Right – advocates of racism, gun violence, and misogyny – all openly endorsed him. During the course of the campaign, numerous threats were made against anti-racist and feminist politicians, academics and activists.

NWSA condemns the divisiveness upon which this candidate established his platform. This election demonstrated to us that the need for intersectional and decolonial feminist scholarship, teaching, and action remains vital and urgent. Before the election, women’s, gender, and sexuality programs and departments, long devalued, were being downsized and in some cases eliminated. With this massive re-distribution of power to reactionary forces, and in light of the intensifying backlash, NWSA pledges to renew its promotion and support of intersectional feminist research and teaching.